Exhibition at ESTAMPA Contemporary Art Fair

The coming days 9 to 12 of October at the “Matadero” (Madrid) Romulo Royo‘s work will be displayed in the stand of Miguel Marcos gallery.

He shows his latest series, Goddesses of Nibiru, focused on beautiful female warriors, of handsome factions, ready to fight with demons or gods.

His work reflects the game of myth and reality. The delicacy and strength represented by the female figure. Romulo brings the current character of fantasy to the world of painting. Attracts you to the universes that transport us to other worlds and temporal spaces, leaving the daily reality to dive into the most enigmatic places that have always accompanied humanity.

For more information of the event you can visit www.estampa.org


 Ref: 617-P | Size: 150 x 120 cm | Series: Goddesses of Nibiru
Technique: Ink acrylic and oil on paper