Big thanks to Emanuele Vietina, Silvia Ceccarelli, Antonio Rama, Ana Smaniotto, Lorena Arnao, Andrea Parrella, and the entire organization of Lucca Comics & Games 2016. Also to the editor Simone Romani and his team from Rizzoli Lizard, and also to the editor Massimo Cuter and Renato from Manicomix. You have made us feel as part of a big family. Thanks to all the public for your warm welcome. Thank you all for these special days we will never forget of Lucca Fair 2016 in Italy.

Stand Romulo Royo, Luis Royo,Laberinto Gris - Lucca Games and Comics 2016

Live paint, Romulo Royo, Lucca Gold Games and Comics 2016

Luis Royo, Romulo Royo, Laberinto Gris - Stand, signatures Lucca Comics and Games gold 2016

Romulo Royo signatures, dedication, stand Laberinto Gris, Lucca Games and Comics 2016 Gold

Romulo Royo, Luis Royo, Laberinto Gris - stand Lucca Games and Comics 2016 Gold