Graphic Work for collectors offered by Grey Labyrinth. Limited editions. Signed and numbered by the author with a certificate of authenticity. Made on watercolor paper 340 gms/m2.

You can find pieces part of the best known series of works by Romulo Royo, series like Metal – Piel, Siamese, The question of Dowser or Malefic Time.


Malefic Time: Akelarre - Luis Royo & Romulo Royo - Book Cover


Last installment of the Malefic Time trilogy.

Thirteen half-naked women sing a chant in an ancient language, in memory of thirteen witches sacrificed in the past. A large figure appears behind them, accompanied by chords of diadem flute, and with the face hidden by a mask of “great ram.”
In the main cities of Europe, the people leave their homes to take refuge in the historical hulls, which give a sensation of returning to the Middle Ages.



Malefic Time: 110 Katanas is the second installment of the universe Malefic Time.

The silence has installed as a crushing slab on the streets of Tokyo, but the buildings are still standing. A hooded figure walks down the middle of one of those narrow streets of faded neons. The old districts have become hermetic. Each has its own rules. Creatures of legend and fantasy inhabit the sinister and dangerous streets.


Malefic Time: Apocalypse

Malefic Time: Apocalypse is the first installment of the joint project of Luis Royo and Romulo.

Set in 2038 it illustrates the transformation of the world as we know it to a real nightmare. Ironically, New York remains the emblem of the world, a metropolis decimated of its inhabitants, decrepit and ruined. At the heart of this fatal scenario: Luz, her sword Malefic and many questions are engaged in a final battle with the new settlers, impossible to define, that infect the city.



The distance from this John Berger reflection to that of Rómulo Royo is just a one step between their “resistance”. The resistance of the individual and group experience; that of the individual who exists ever further from himself and that of a society which we mark as a group which evolves in perfect harmony with an imposed criteria, always loaded with hereditary conditions that impede or drag us down, if not one that represses our way of being and acting.

Gloria Bosch

Editions: English & Spanish


Videncia Velamiento y Ceguera

Romulo Royo imposes bodies and faces of nearly monumental existence, attractive yet at the same time difficult to bear. His multiple races, his Siamese twins, and bent heads on bodies send the message time and time again that otherness is crucial to contemporary life. “All men who believe know to keep their heads cut off above the mirror. What condemns them to fascination (to erotic agitation) is also that which protects them from madness”. As Rimbaud so vertiginously would indicate, the path of poetry leads to hell, to the place where the id is the other, in all senses of the word. Hence there is a tremendous shudder, the danger made visible: beauty is exactly that which we can hardly bear.

Fernando Castro Flórez

Editions: English & Spanish



An unpublished graphic work up to date. The most elegant and exclusive editing on a joint work by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, with six sheets signed by the authors. A limited and numbered print run of only 1,000 copies on Arches paper 250g Natural with recessed printing and reviewed by the artists themselves, designed to framing and collectors.


Size: 26 cm x 39 cm
Pages: 6 Color + 6 Black and White
In this first portfolio, we focus on the figure of Luz, the protagonist of the saga. There are 12 illustrations of the highest quality that portray one of the most iconic characters of Luis Royo.

Plenilunio Cover


Plenilunio is a role playing game set in the rich and complex universe of Malefic Time. In this game you will become a precursor, a human with exceptional skills trapped in the war between lunar and solar full of monsters and marvels impossible to understand in this apocalyptic landscape.

With over one hundred illustrations of wonderful art of Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, Plenilunio is an RPG with simple and agile mechanics and deep background that will allow you to start playing immediately even if you have no experience in this type of games.

Manga Soum, Cover


Spin-off about Soum, one from the most charismatic characters from Malefic Time universe by Kenny Ruiz.

For many, Soum is like the moon: beautiful, brilliant, moody … and elusive, always running away from all compromises. She moves like a fish in water between humans and oni, facing the yokais and always on the move, dodging the bonds because, by her own rules, “Nothing to protect, nothing to lose.” The Malefic Time project makes its first appearance into the manga with this spectacular spin-off about Soum. An ideal place to start in this universe.

Cover Malefic Time: Codex Apocalypse


Malefic Time: Codex Apocalypse novel that has all the keys about the story of Malefic in New York by Jesús B. Vilches.

New York, 2038. The world has transformed from dream to nightmare. How did we get here? A young girl with white hair and tears of blood wanders the streets of an apocalyptic New York. Her presence can change the course of history. Her name is Luz, others call her Malefic. The prophecies foretold since ancient times, yet she do not know what will happen, or what role she has on this great stage. The project of Luis Royo and Romulo Royo counts this time with the collaboration of Jesús B. Vilches to reveal all the keys about the journey of Malefic in the city of New York. Action, mystery and mysticism come together in an exciting novel that explores the epic saga of the mythical character Malefic.

Avalanch Apocalypse, Music CD Cover


Box that contains a CD with 13 songs that also include a book with of 24 pages.

The popular rock band Avalanch moves to the music ground the most ambitious project of international illustrators Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, giving life to Malefic Time: Apocalypse. The formation that leads Alberto Rionda demonstrates once again his immense talent on a new album that acts as extraordinary soundtrack, traveling throught the thrilling story of Malefic Time: Apocalypse. A spectacular cover presents a deluxe album with unreleased artwork signed by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo.


Figure provided by the house Yamato USA
Figure on a scale 1/4
Made ​​of resin
Hand sculpted by Shin Tanabe, introduces the character of Luz. A young woman of extraordinary power with a mysterious past.


Figure provided by the house Yamato USA
Figure on a scale 1/4, approximately 23.5″ high
Made ​​of resin
Sculpted by Shin Tanabe, representing Lilith. One of the characters from Malefic Time project. It has multiple elaborate details in their clothing, tattoos and the crucifix from her neck as well as her wings.



Figure provided by the house Nocturna Models
The figure comes in a kit with multiple resin components
The height of the kit is 95 mm it is made of metal and has a color insert figure
The figure is 70 mm high on a scale 1:24.



Figure provided by the house Nocturna Models
The figure comes in a kit with multiple resin components
The height of the box of figure is 120 mm.
Height of figure 70 mm on a scale 1:24.
Suministrado en caja metálica con encarte a color de la figura



Figure provided by the house Nocturna Models
The figure comes in a kit with multiple resin components
Height of figure 70 mm on a scale 1:24.
The height of the metal box of figure is 95 mm.


Marduk, Saint Patrick

Figure provided by the house Nocturna Models
The figure comes in a kit with multiple resin components
The height of the kit is 95 mm it is made of metal and has a color insert figure
The figure is 70 mm high on a scale 1:24.